Session 2 #Content & Collaborate (EARLY BIRD)

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Session 2 #Content & Collaborate (EARLY BIRD)

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  • Understand your customer audience

  • Finding out best times to post

  • Increase engagement and connecting with your community

  • Building relationships with brands and companies

  • Exploring opportunities to generate revenue

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What you'll learn in THE GROWTH SERIES

Brands are evolving. If you want people to know who you are, you have to gain their trust.  The more you share, the more people will trust you. Building your brand is not luxury, it's essential to be a player in today's market. And communicating what you are working on, learning about your values, is exciting and empowering to others.  Trust is the foundation for all relationships, and when people see that others trust you - it motivates them to trust you faster.

But how do you get started, what do you need to know, and what are some best practices to get you on the right path?

These are the questions we get constantly and in this workshop, we'll put together strategies to understand how to build your brand. We'll help you identify who you are, what do you want to be known for and how to build a solid powerful brand.



  • Learn why it's important to have a personal brand

  • Understand where to start and set goals to ensure you are successful

  • Put together a brand profile and strategy

  • Understand how to use content to build your brand

  • This workshop is for anyone looking to build their personal brand and gain exposure


  • Develop the collaborative skills to inspire and engage groups of people to co-create content

  • Explore opportunities to drive more traffic through collaboration

  • Build relationships to explore potential business opportunities

  • Know when not to collaborate, and avoid wasting time and energy when collaboration is unnecessary