Session 1 #Create (EARLY BIRD)

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Session 1 #Create (EARLY BIRD)

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Session 1 #CREATE

  • Head Shot / Brand Image(s)

  • Intro to Photo Editing, Retouching & Lighting

  • Lightroom Presets Intro Pack ($60 value)

  • Flat Lay & Image Composition Basics

  • Video and Photo Equipment Tips & Tricks

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What you'll learn in THE GROWTH SERIES

Brands are evolving. If you want people to know who you are, you have to gain their trust.  The more you share, the more people will trust you. Building your brand is not luxury, it's essential to be a player in today's market. And communicating what you are working on, learning about your values, is exciting and empowering to others.  Trust is the foundation for all relationships, and when people see that others trust you - it motivates them to trust you faster.

But how do you get started, what do you need to know, and what are some best practices to get you on the right path?

These are the questions we get constantly and in this workshop, we'll put together strategies to understand how to build your brand. We'll help you identify who you are, what do you want to be known for and how to build a solid powerful brand.



Photography WITHOUT THE PROS: as a content creator you always need to be creating content. Learn how to elevate your photo and video skills with our #CREATE sessions. A crash course in everything from identifying locations & lighting, the art of creative composition, the power of angles, and editing—the  entire process executed on your mobile device!

  • Participate in hands-on tutorials and snap a few shots at our photo station to practice advanced selfie skills with your own mobile device.

  • Photo Editing & Retouching with Photoshop, Lightroom & other handy editing tools… all on your mobile device.

  • Lighting & Preset Tutorials. Learn efficient tips to create your lighting adjustments and create presets for future use.

  • Leverage your know how, use what you have and get the download on what will help elevate your game.